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Lachlan McLeod is a talented singer songwriter / composer based in Penola, South Australia. As a multi-instrumentalist majoring in acoustic guitar and violin, McLeod's style is original contemporary folk. He has four high-fidelity, independent CD titles for sale and gives passionate solo performances at festivals and special events. His latest 2006 CD release, “The Heart of the Moon”,  is the quintessential solo McLeod; an album of brilliant songs, clean finger-picking acoustic guitar and haunting violin .

“ I found you in the past and I'll find you in the future,
   I can see your light shinin' in the storm. 
   I can wait an hour, I can wait an eon
   But I'll be dressed in flesh the moment you are born.”

From “ Ancient Brethren”  off   “The Heart of the Moon”
Lachlan McLeod  2006

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