Click on image for lyrics, Sound files and Cd Credits.

Click on image for lyrics, Sound files and Cd Credits.


Released; 2006 through Hear and Now Records

Description; Contemporary acoustic folk music. Lachlan sings and plays acoustic guitar and acoustic violin. Gentle ballads and powerful acoustic rhythms.

The quintessential solo McLeod. Evocative lyrics and exceptional acoustic guitar finger picking with stunning violin work. Includes the soul searching hit single, "Music and Love".

� The Heart of the Moon is a return to my organic roots. I left these songs in their honest and intimate form without arranging them for a larger band. I recorded all my voice and acoustic guitar parts as one-take, live studio performances at Hear and Now studios , a choice I made in the hope to capture the emotional intensity of the music.

I added my late grandfather's acoustic violin at Kick studios in Melbourne and I know he would smile to hear me play his old fiddle, which is alive and well after all these years.

These songs are the stories of my heart.

They are the songs of the Heart of the Moon.�



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Released; 1998 through Hear and Now Records

Description; Melodic folk rock music with acoustic flavours. Lachlan sings and plays his custom made 5 string electric violin backed by an exceptional band including Stephan Richter on fretless bass and Craig Lauritsen on drums. Spacious ballads. Sensitive lyrics. Upbeat melodic folk rock.

Spectacular violin solos. Great acoustic guitar work.

Played extensively on Japanese radio to coincide with seven tours to Japan over 1998 to 2000.

Includes the incredible " Peace in this Valley" and the beautiful instrumental for 5 string electric violin " The twelfth house door" which was used to represent 100 years of South Australian music in the year 2000 Centenary of Federation celebrations.

� My life's passion is songwriting and composing music- and my life's work is to offer you recordings of what I hear inside me. This work demands that my voice and instruments are at their best and that I draw together the finest musicians and technicians to breathe life into the music. This album is the result of that work and I might add we had a great time making it.

Recorded with my regular rhythm section ( Richter/ Lauritsen ) in an excellent studio ( Mixmasters ) a wonderful, natural flow happened which let us capture the music of my inner voice. It's also the first recording of my custom-made 5 string electric violin. I love this new sound. With effects I can take it from silky to screaming and it's a joy to play. I've included light hearted ( Cricket in the Dust ) and dark, reflective ( Money Worries ) songs to express my feelings in this ever changing world and I imagine that there are some of your feelings in them too.

I offer you my voice in the wind of change.�




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Released; 1995 for Thinking Aloud

Description; World acoustic folk music. Western folk meets Indian music.

Ambient ethnic sounds with meaningful lyrics.

Includes the beautiful instrumental, "Goodbye".

Lachlan sings and plays the 5 string electric violin, acoustic guitar and keyboards.

Released after collaborating with Indian musicians whilst touring India with Thinking Aloud. Stephan Richter on fretless bass, cello and didgeridoo. Craig Lauritsen on drums and percussion. Features Debashish Chakraborty on Tablas .

� Shanti is the Sanskrit word for peace. The attainment of peace is an inner process which requires the healing of personal pain and the calming of the mind. This album is a reflection of that process. It chronicles Thinking Aloud's musical journey through India, weaving Eastern colours through Western World music.�



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Released; 1994 through Origin Music.

Description; Melodic rock music. Spacious ballads and uplifting rock with acoustic flavours. Adult Contemporary.

Lachlan sings and plays the 5 string electric violin backed by a brilliant band.

Widely played on commercial radio in Australia and internationally.

Hit singles " Live in Love" and " I want you to stay".

� I believe that the chaos and destruction which permeates our World begins in the thoughts and intentions of human beings. It seems clear to me then, that every single one of us must heal the issues which bring pain into our lives before planetary harmony can exist. Peace does begin at home!

Most of my healing has happened in my primary love relationship. Love keeps me in there when things get tough.

The love songs on this album are a celebration of that process. They celebrate my quest for love and joy and since the World's quest is for no less, I've included songs which reflect current global struggles, especially those of the Third World.

My intention is that you will be moved by this music and so share some of my discoveries.�



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