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Lachlan McLeod; Vocals, 5string electric violin, acoustic guitar, keyboards, shaman's drum and banjo.
Stephan Richter; Cello, fretless bass and D didgeridoo.
Craig Lauritsen; Drums and percussion.
Pandit Debashish Chakraborty; Tabla.
Alistair Black; Didgeridoo.


Produced by Lachlan McLeod and Stephan Richter for Thinking Aloud.
Final Mastering and digital editing by
Neville Clark at Disk Edits, Adelaide.
Mastered by William Bowden at Festival Records, Sydney.
Recorded by Inderjeet Singh Jaiswal, at Simran Audio/Video New Delhi.( Tracks 1,2 and 3 ).
Recorded by Don Holderness and Brett Sody at Krell Studios,Adelaide. ( Tracks 4,5 and 6).
Photography by Philip Martin Photography, Adelaide.
Graphic Design by Lachlan McLeod and Bruce Gilbert.

Special Thanks; To Gary Turner for his generosity and production assistance.

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