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Lachlan McLeod; Vocals, 5 string electric violin, acoustic guitar, keyboards and piano.
Stephan Richter; Fretless bass and 5 string bass.
Craig Lauritsen; Drums, tambourine and cypress slit drum.
David McEvoy; Piano.
Alistair Black; Didgeridoo.
Tony Catalano; Electric guitar.
Steve Todd; Percussion.
Alan Turner; Keyboards and Hammond organ.
Kathie Renner; Backing Vocals.
Callum Campbell; Backing Vocals.
Mick Wordley; Mandolin.
Phillip Allan; Didgeridoo


Produced by Lachlan McLeod and Mick Wordley for Hear and Now Records.Recorded and mixed by Mick Wordley at Mixmasters, Adelaide.Mastering and digital editing by Neville Clark at Disk Edits, Adelaide.Photography by Phil Martin, Helen Carter, Bret Meller,
David Simpson, Lainie Brown and Nicholas Birks.
Graphic Design by Matthew Hepplewhite from
Mango Chutney Design, Adelaide.

Special Thanks;

Quentin Eyers for technical assistance and musicality.
Richard Barbera from BTS, New York, for the 5 string electric violin bridge pick up.Tucker Barrett from T.F. Barrett Electric Violins for the violin neck.John Price for the custom built 5 string electric violin.
Ian Du Rieu from The Leon Audio Company, Adelaide, for the class A phantom powered violin and acoustic guitar preamps.
Tim Gleason from Zeta Electric Violins, California, for the pick up.
Dave Arbon for the Crown cross-over. Robertson Collins for the bow hair and the stark viola C string.
Ian and Shirley McLeod for your love and support.Yvonne van Gyen for your acceptance, love, pitch curation and the location recording.

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