9). THE LION AND THE LAMB ( © Lachlan McLeod )

It's taken too much time, too much time to understand,
That lovers can be friends like you and me.
Paralysis and emptiness, the cruel price of being trapped
In shallow games of physicality.
But still I couldn't fail to recognise,
The power lying hidden in your eyes.

The lion and the lamb,
Have made me understand,
That I'm in the best of hands,
And I'm gonna be alright.
The lion and the lamb will make everythin' alright.

You hid your love so patiently, keepin' careful track of me,
Watchin' for the moment of my tears.
And then you took right hold of me, singing songs of honesty,
Chasin' out the worst of all my fears.
But patience doesn't always win the war,
You sometimes have to let the lion roar.

Fallin' into love with you, naked like the naked truth,
That love is what you feel not what you see.
And as a friend you heard me out,the silent lover kicked about,
Wounded by my brutal honesty.
You had to let the lion make a stand,
To show that you're no sacrificial lamb.

You know I'm gonna be alright, with the lion and the lamb.
You know I'm in the best of hands, with the lion and the lamb.

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