2). INCUBUS ( © Lachlan McLeod )

Passion and desire have been my wings of flight,
Thrust me in an instant through the endless night.
Laid me in our bed of love that used to be the norm,
Laid me in the candlelight to watch your sleeping form.

I am Incubus, my power running deep
I am Incubus, I've come to love you while you sleep.

If I distract my mind from the chatter in my head,
Then I can use my every cell to reach you in our bed.
And now I see your tender face asleep in peaceful dreams,
And like a welcome warrior I plunge into your veins.

And no, I don't need my body to feel you tonight,
There's the touch of our spirits, spinning and weaving their light,
Yeah it's spiritual loving tonight.

I've come to love you while you sleep.
I've come to love you.

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