10). THE WOMAN FOR ME ( © Lachlan McLeod )

I've struggled for so long to break away the bonds,
That trap the real me deep in the hidden part of me.
And she said “ Listen to the wind, hear it call the voice within
And scream it at the sky, let your spirit show you how to fly”.

Yeah, I've found the woman
Yeah, I've found the woman
Yeah, I've found the woman
I've found the woman for me.

And she said, “ I hear voices out to sea,
Could be the dolphins callin' me”.
With seaweed in her hair
And two wet shoes but no she doesn't care.

When she looked at me, and smiled at me
She let me know the real me.

Yeah, yeah I've found the woman
Oh yeah, Oh I love that woman
Yeah Oh it took so long to find that woman
I love that woman, I need that woman
Yeah, I've found the woman for me.

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