11). THE WORLD IS MY HOME ( © Lachlan McLeod )

Well my landlord he rang and he told me,
“You've got three weeks to find a new house”
What am I supposed to do just lie here,
Lie here as quiet as a mouse?
‘Cos somewhere there's rage and resentment
And the fear that I'll sink like a stone.
Somewhere there's peace and contentment
When the World is my home.
The World is my home.

Well I jump in my car in the mornin',
I'm guilty for turnin' the key.
Every internal combustion
Sets poisonous gasses free.
But somewhere the blind ignoramus
Looks for a new place to roam.
Somewhere the monk in the lotus
Says, “The World is my home”.

Yeah this little puppy has got hold of his bone,
Wherever I travel and wherever I roam
When I'm sad and lost and way out on my own
I say that, “The World is my home”.

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