2). SEDUCTRESS ( © Lachlan McLeod )

Come to me, breathe on me,
Burn with me, melt with me lover.
Slip with me, slide with me,
Steam with me under the covers.
I'm ready, I'm waitin', I've waited all night
For an intimate, passionate, midnight delight,
But you wait for the minute, the moment,
The right time to be, my seductress for me.
When will you be my seductress for me?

Coil with me, wind with me,
Boil with me, bind with me lover.
Heal with me, feel with me,
Kneel with me and worship each other.
And just when it's right for our spirits to be
As close as our bodies allow us to be,
Then you will come to me, tenderly
So sensually, my seductress for me.
When will you be my seductress for me?

And we'll fly in our temple of love,
And bring heaven to earth
Well you know that it's soulful communion
Your physical union with me
Be my seductress for me.

My seductress for me, when will you be
My seductress?
My seductress for me
Be my seductress for me.

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