7). CRICKET IN THE DUST ( © Lachlan McLeod )

Cricket in the dust, Cricket in the dust.

You can keep it, your trouble and your blame.
We don't need it, we know that life's a game.
In the moment when the willow hits the hide,
We've gotta focus ‘cos your wicket is your life.

When the girls were furious
There's nothin' else that we could do
Except play cricket in the dust
Down on Wellesley Avenue .

Can you believe it, Venus fightin' Mars?
We look for answers but they're hidden in the stars.
Out in the desert a man can wander aimlessly
But it's woman that leads us to the sea.

With our bare feet in the dust we played cricket in the dust
When the girls were furious down on Wellesley Avenue .
There's nothin' else that we could do down on Wellesley Avenue
When the girls were furious.

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