9). WILDERNESS OF DREAMS. ( © Lachlan McLeod )

I'd love to paint a monumental moonrise
In a blood- red sultry sky,
In a chariot of starlight
You and I would fly.
Drawn at reckless speed by phantom horses,
The black one and the white,
Into a wilderness of wishes
Where nothin's wrong and nothin's right.

You're the one who keeps my secrets.
You're the one who holds the key.
You're the one who knows the passage
To my wilderness of dreams.

Landing where no human foot has fallen
On a bed of forest leaves,
In a hidden virgin valley
By a magic mountain stream.
Hand in hand like children out exploring
Governed only by our tastes,
Till we're exhausted in the morning,
Our passions laid to waste.

Come to my wilderness of dreams
Come to my wilderness of dreams
Come to my wilderness.

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