1). MUSIC AND LOVE. ( © Lachlan McLeod )

I lie awake I hear a melody,
Callin' me away.
It leads me to a perfect paradise,
Where music always plays.
I wake to hear the wolf,
I hear him howlin' at my door.
I give him all I've got,
But the animal wants more.

I may be hungry but
My heart can fill with love
And when my fingers freeze
My head can fill with song
And even when my woman says
She must be movin' on
I've still got music and love.

Today I saw the lonely albatross
Flyin' out to sea.
He's searching for a long forgotten place
Where people let him be.
I wake to hear the jets,
I hear them scream above my walls.
And in their vapour trails,
One single feather falls

Yeah the world is angry but
Our hearts can fill with love
And even when they tie our hands
Our heads can fill with song
And when the mouths of starving children
Fill with gentle song
We've still got music and love.

We've got music,
Music and love.

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