3). TIME TO TILL ( © Lachlan McLeod )

Ever since I was a young man
I 've been out on the road
And all my boyhood visions
Have been buried by the load.
Twenty years of playin' front bars
Feeding pearls to swine,
Has withered up my beauty
In the smoke and in the wine.

And now it's time to cultivate
This bare and barren soil.
It's time that I recuperate
From misdirected toil.
My doctors came, they looked at me
They said, “Boy you must lie still”.
My body tells me it's time to till.

I know I can't expect a harvest
When I neglect the land.
I know that water lilies never grow
Out in the desert sand.
But if I watch the weather pattern
And feel the farmers need,
I'll fertilize and water
The embryonic seed.

My body tells me it's time to till.
My body tells me it's time to till.
My body tells me it's time to till.  

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