4). BORN TO BE FREE ( © Lachlan McLeod )

Up there on marble hill the ladies are dressed to kill
Pouring out champagne and wine.
There's long lacy thighs, long lashes on eyes to tempt me.
I'm burnin' up with desire, it feels like my skins on fire
I'm desperate to drink from the cup
But the sweet consummation releases the demon to trap me.

And the demons are shakin' my tree.
They're shootin' their arrows at me
But I've flown and I've swallowed the key,
I was born to be free.
We were born to be free.

Out on the battlefront a young man has just been shot,
Murdered by someone insane
And the gun in his hand was the anger of kings and of generals.
I'm so tight I cannot breathe, this pressure is killin' me
There's so many people to strike
But the first punch I throw lets the mad demon go that's gonna kill me.

And when I fly off alone, I feel from my head to toe
The bruises and burns disappear.
Then all that remains is the love that's the same
Despite all of the hatred and greed.

Made in the likeness of love,
We were born to be free.

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