5). CHINA IN SPRING ( © Lachlan McLeod )

She flew north, she followed the sun.
I stayed in the south thinking what have I done,
I've rejected the child she offered to me,
Now I'm searchin' my soul, what it is to be free.

Yeah there's always a price to pay,
There's nothing free at the end of the day.
I'm alone on my throne like a barren old king,
She's in China in spring.

Born on the wind, she's at home in the sky.
She circles on currents incredibly high.
She said, “I'm tired of movin', I want somethin' more”,
She said, “Father come hold me, be strong and be sure”.

The weeds have been ploughed in the loam,
There's the smell of the rain on the wind
But the seed of my soul wasn't sewn
In China in spring.
Once in a while I still dream
That I hear the beat of her wings
And then she will carry my seed
To China in spring.

I'm a tree in the forest that axes have scarred
But my bark is my armour and my branches my bars.
I fear that my life will be taken by greed
And so I turn from the world and I cradle my seed.

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