7). THE FAIRY FROM THE FOREST ( © Lachlan McLeod )

She's the smell of evening dew
Fallin' on the harvest straw.
She's the smell of foreign winds
Blowin' on my barren shore.
She's the glory of my kingdom,
Born to hold the sacred light.
She's the guardian of the spirits
Of all the creatures blessed with life.

She's my fairy from the forest,
She's my fairy from the forest,
She sets my spirit free.

She's the kiss of butterflies,
Fallin' on my fevered eyes.
She's the hum of harmony,
Humming with the peace in me.
She's the gold of frangipani
Opening in the morning light.
She's the pink geranium,
Bloomin' in the dark of night.

She sets my spirit free,
She sets my spirit free,
She's my fairy from the forest.

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