8) QUENCH DESIRE ( © Lachlan McLeod )

She wore a green velvet dress that matched her eyes
And it poured on down with Kyoto skies
And the thunder clapped on her paper walls,
As she opened up her inner halls.

And her mind so sharp was bathed in fire,
So I held her close to quench desire.

Our eyes were locked in a souls embrace
As we tiptoed up to our sacred place
And her naked gown of loveliness
Had peeled away her velvet dress.

There's no doubt of the flow when we're in it,
There's no time when the hours turn to minutes.
There's no pain in the heat of the fire,
An open heart will quench desire.

My hands were bare of earthly gifts,
So I offered her my emptiness.
And her words revealed her silent pain,
So I kissed her mouth like gentle rain.
And my mind so sharp, it was bathed in fire,
So I held her close to quench desire.

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